Heat Wave Italy – Tips on how to beat the heat in Verona, visit the Opera in Verona


Verona – stay cool sitting on a shaded bench above the city

Verona , like Florence sits in a basin near a river , so it too gets very hot in summer, during this heat wave, consider some tips from my daughter who was on exchange during the summer with temperatures of 40 deg C ( +100F), there are some lovely shaded areas along the river, where you can sit to write your post cards, read a bit , and simply enjoy the silhouette of beautiful Verona -  the two ancient bridges each offer some cool river breezes and a few shaded corners,  gelato shops throughout Verona offer great choices – not just hazlenut but bacci, tiramisu, blackberry, lemon, raspberry, and so much…

Gelato so delicious – great way to stay cool and of course calories don’t count on holiday

there is also a great gelato shop near the Ponte Pietra stay cool nearby in the shaded portico Gelateria Ponte Pietra  Continue reading