Where to eat in Paris – 5 great Bistros from Conde Nast

Paris -the question is always “where to eat in Paris” there are so many choices, that it becomes a problem to choose, even where to start.  Of course for me the local bistro is always the best … the fancy restaurants, really everyone knows which they are, and how to find them, but the bistros are key. so if you rent an apartment in Paris and want to find a little place to eat, this recent article in Conde Nast Traveller may provide a place to start:

that being said – one of my personal favorites is Bistrot d’Henri – located near our Princesse apartment

Paris Bistro near our Princesse apartment

Bistro in Paris – one of my favorites

From Conde Nast - here are their recommendations

Those wonderful red-checked-tablecloth bistros are why you fell in love in Paris, right? Sadly, they’re not only increasingly rare but increasingly expensive. Here, however, are five that won’t break the bank. Continue reading