Heat Wave Italy – Tips on how to beat the heat in Verona, visit the Opera in Verona


Verona – stay cool sitting on a shaded bench above the city

Verona , like Florence sits in a basin near a river , so it too gets very hot in summer, during this heat wave, consider some tips from my daughter who was on exchange during the summer with temperatures of 40 deg C ( +100F), there are some lovely shaded areas along the river, where you can sit to write your post cards, read a bit , and simply enjoy the silhouette of beautiful Verona -  the two ancient bridges each offer some cool river breezes and a few shaded corners,  gelato shops throughout Verona offer great choices – not just hazlenut but bacci, tiramisu, blackberry, lemon, raspberry, and so much…

Gelato so delicious – great way to stay cool and of course calories don’t count on holiday

there is also a great gelato shop near the Ponte Pietra stay cool nearby in the shaded portico Gelateria Ponte Pietra 

Piazza del Erbe has some great cafes, find one on the shady side early in the day for morning capuccino and cornetto,

Verona – the best cappuccino and cornetto

Enjoy the warm evenings, take advantage of this silky warm evening air and enjoy the Opera in Verona:

Opera in Verona – a magnificent Carmen – warm summer evening

Going to an opera in Verona is always highly recommended. Apart from some Saturdays it’s usually possible to get tickets without reservation. Tickets can be purchased online from www.arena.it or picked up in the ticket office at Via Anfiteatro. The prices vary from 21 to 200 euros depending on the seat category and the day. The unnumbered seats on the stone tiers should be available for last-minute purchases on the same day in the morning. Bringing a seat pad with you is to be recommended. You should be at the arena about one hour before the performance starts to get a decent seat. Note – if you are on the stone seating bring a cushion or something softer to sit on, ( stone gets hot and can be hard after a few hours sitting) bring your own drinks – ( wine, prosecco, something cold) but watch you don’t spill it on the people in front of you when you are on the high up seats, getting in is ‘narrow’ and it happened to us – although it is a way to meet your neighbours

“Aida” by Giuseppe Verdi to “Carmen”, “Nabucco”, “Turandot” and “Madame Butterfly” to “Romeo and Juliet” you can see the most famous operas in the world.  I saw an amazing rendition of Carmen – with Don Jose and his toreadors entering through the middle of the audience area – the famous melody soaring through the colloseum as the crowd sang along, the extras on the stage for some of the scenes were stunning stage settings with each corner a vignette of a street scene – fruit vendors, merchants discussing special deals, and then the horses rode up and onto the stage! what an unforgettable spectacle.

Verona – Ponte Scaligero – the beauty of Verona its quintessential bridge

To cool off consider river rafting  under the ancient roman bridge, or taking a wine tour of the cellars, the cool underground ‘caves’ tasting the wonderful local wines, a great way to cool off, or find a lovely church in which to admire the stained glass windows, or find some ancient archways to sit under with a gelato in hand. Visit Juliette’s Balcony, stand in the shade under the portico, reading the notes professing undying love .

Juliette’s balcony stay cool under the arches reading all the love notes

Love Notes – Love me forever – Juliette Balcony Verona

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