Best Italy experiences – Top things to do in Italy

Top 10 experiences in Italy – Found a great article (Top 11 Italy experiences) today that inspired me, has worked with clients for years on these amazing experiences, here they are in a nutshell, with so many others possible, read, dream, and get going…Italy is waiting for you.

Florence – sit on this lovely terrace and enjoy the rooftops of Florence

Italy is so much more than a bucket list country. Not only does it consistently top just about every list of most desirable travel destinations, but people return again and again. And it’s really not surprising. Italy offers visitors such an extensive variety of experiences that you probably don’t even know half of them exist. so Don’t just get off a cruise ship, visit the closest town and say “I’ve been to …Florence, Venice, Rome, Tuscany or…” Italy is so much more

11 Best Italy Experiences
  1. Rent a Villa in Tuscany
  2. Learn to Pole a Gondola in Venice
  3. Stay in a Cave in Matera
  4. Immerse Yourself in Art in Florence
  5. Trek Cinque Terre
  6. Learn to Make Pizza in Sorrento
  7. Ride a Bike in Lucca
  8. Live Like George Clooney on Lake Como
  9. Drive a Ferrari Along the Amalfi Coast
  10. Indulge Your Inner Chocoholic in Perugia
  11. Train Like a Gladiator in Rome

Ask us about any of these experiences – as we can set up a special experience just for you. Great experiences!

For instance, did you know that in southern Italy you can stay in a hotel situated in the very same caves man lived in thousands of years ago? Or that in Venice, rather than sit back and let a gondolier show you around, you can take the pole and do it yourself? You also can also immerse yourself in local culture by taking a hands-on art class in Florence or wielding a gladiator’s sword in Rome. There truly is more to do in Italy then can possibly be done in just one visit.

Imagine making Pizza with your friends and family, high on a hilltop in Chianti overlooking the vineyards and olive groves below, learn how to make masks in Venice, Gladiator school in Rome? just ask, caves in Matera – we know some wonderful hotels where you can experience the real thing…bike in Lucca? art in Florence – what about a lovely apartment right in the historic centre? then a private guide to show you all the secret spots you may never find on your own? Italy is waiting…don’t wait to long to go.

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