Great weekender bag for travel – carry on with great looks…capacity

Just found this great bag! the Worton Weekender…I would highly recommend it to anyone not just as a carry on – but if you can travel light, I mean if you can travel with a carry on only, then this is a great find.  Not only does it look great…black with leather straps and handles, it is amazingly useful.  I tested it myself on a 2 week safari to Tanzania – imagine a woman traveling for two weeks with only a carry on! ( I know, I know – sounds sexist, but I am a woman and I tell you it’s a feat to pack everything in one bag for 2 weeks…feat really should be feet – as shoes are worst for women to take along…  Everything fit, when rolled and tucked in… and the best is that the bag still looked good after being squished into the back of a jeep and crossing the very dusty Serengeti, sitting on the terrace of the beach house in Zanzibar or in the business class lounge… I can’t wait to take it to Italy soon – when I go on the next villa inspection trip to Tuscany

Best of all… I just received a notice that for the next 24 hours ( check date of posting) they are offering a great promotion …

Worton Weekender has launched it’s new website to mark this exciting event  they are offering a great discount
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Lake Manyara Lemala tented camp – Worton weekender after long jeep ride