New Train in Italy makes for fast travel

Trains in Italy – updates – new high speed trains connect main Italian towns


The regional and most of the Italian train service is managed by Trenitalia, a State company. Please note that regional and Intercity trains require that you stamp the ticket  before boarding, otherwise you’ll be fined. Regional trains are very cheap and connect many Tuscan cites, while faster and more expensive Eurostar AV and Frecciarossa trains connect Florence to other Italian cities. Intercity trains are cheaper than Eurostar, but have there are few still running.

NTV – Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori

NTV is Europe’s first privately owned high-speed train and is now an alternative to Italy’s state-run corporation Trenitalia Railway system. The competition between the two rail companies for a loyal customer base is good news for the consumer. There are some great  low introductory fares to encourage people to test the new service.

The trains operate out of the newly renovated Tiburtina station in Rome.

These high-speed trains look much the same as the Trenitalia system but on-board services provide modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi and food service available throughout the train.

As of now, NTV operates from Rome to Florence, Bologna, Milan and Naples. Starting Aug. 26, Salerno will be added and on Oct. 27 Rome will be connected with Padua and Venice. Turin is scheduled to be serviced from Rome on Dec. 8.

Tickets are sold in the NTV’s Casa Italo (an office inside the stations reached by NTV trains), on official ticket site and in some travel agencies. Please note that you can’t use Trenitalia tickets on NTV trains as those are two completely different companies.

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