Heat Wave in Italy – some tips for handling the heat – Rome, Florence…

A new heat wave struck the Italian peninsula on Thursday according to the weather service in Italy. In some areas, the temperature has risen above 40 degree.

campo di fiori market

Campo di Fiori – visit early to beat the heat and get the best photos of Market in Rome

Rome – can be unbearably hot even without a heat wave – some ideas to stay cool ( or shall we say try to stay cooler) – start your sightseeing very early, there are some great early morning Vatican Tours, and walking tours*, visit the fountains and stand down wind where the spray gently cools you off, ( don’t make the faux pas of wading in the fountain – just NOT done), stop at one of the many wonderful gelato shops ( several times a day) to try the many flavors, the fruit flavors are especially refreshing, when you go to eat…. Continue reading

Heat wave in Italy – Rome, Florence, Verona suffer from intense heat wave

Heatwave alert in seven popular tourist destinations in Italy – Rome, Florence, Verona, Sicily

Apartments in Rome - air conditioning

Trevi Fountain Rome – may be a good place to cool off during the heat wave

In seven of Italy’s popular tourist destinations including Florence, Rome, and Verona an alarming heat wave alert has been generated during this weekend. The possibility of this heat wave has also been termed as a ‘red alert’ due to the ferocity of its magnitude. This could be compared with the ‘infamous’ summer of 2003.

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