Seven Apps to tackle inflight boredom

After a long flight, the soft hills of Pisa beckon, a glass of wine, a villa terrace.

Found this great article in USA Today – as you know travel these days can get awfully long – especially if you ended up in a seat where the inflight entertainment may not be working (happens more often than you think). Be prepared – read the following and get ready before you leave. Carina of found that the TED talks provided hours of interesting entertainment.

Read on….Seema Dhawan, Special for USA TODAY -

The only thing that makes getting the middle seat on a long flight worse is the realization that the article you were reading has refreshed on your device, promising hours of Internet-less boredom. A long flight can be an entertaining experience with the right apps; they can transform a boring seven-hour journey into an afternoon of good reading, brainstorming, productivity or entertainment. Download these free apps before you’re off on your next trip to avoid begging the flight tracker to get you there faster. Continue reading