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Southwest France and Aquitaine (see also Bordeaux) for our purposes cover much the same area – the true polital designation may be different – so please consider all these areas if you have an interest in the southwest corner of France… Aquitaine is an old name, (remember the famous Eleanor?) that was once one of the largest independent and most influential ‘countries’ of its time. The name has been revived to cover this whole area – spanning a variety of fascinating mini regions;

The ‘official’ Southwest region of France spans from Toulouse towards the Massif Central and the Pyrenees. The main attractions of the area include the historic region of the Dordogne where cave paintings  ( Lascaux caves)  were found, and the lovely town of Sarlat, the rolling hills and thatched cottage roofs, the looming defensive castles on the River, the Pyrenees where miraculous healings occurred at the base of the mountains at Lourdes and Toulouse, the largest city of the region. Southwestern France is famed for its wines (Bordeaux area

We offer a few select properties in Bordeaux, and in the Dordogne, lovely villas to rent in Sarlat, town apartments, a few charming hotels  and lovely charming Chambres d'hôtes accommodation ..if you don’t see something please ask.

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