Vacation Rental Services

Rental Services -

Car rental - Unless you are staying in a city, a car is necessary for making day trips and exploring the countryside and nearby towns. We offer a range of car sizes and prices, plus pick-up locations in over 70 cities. Click here to rent a car!

Cell phone - If you want to stay in touch - or if you are in one of the properties that does not have a phone. A cell phone allows you to make and receive calls when and where you want. We recommend purchasing a cell phone when in Italy or France. They are inexpensive to buy, all incoming calls are free in Italy and reduced rates in France. A prepaid card is inexpensive, can be bought for whatever amount you wish for your stay.

Travel insurance - Traveling can be expensive. If you want to ensure that you won't have to pay cancellation fees, Or lose the funds you have advanced - please consider getting travel insurance. If you don't have your own provided we offer the following option.

You can check for comparative rates at - a good site that shows comparative rates from various suppliers - you can book directly from this link. USA clients only. click on this link for easy access INSUREMYTRIP.COM

For Canadian clients please check with your local Automobile Association, Blue Cross or your travel agent booking your flight for travel insurance.

Airfare - although there are many places to get your air tickets. If you are Canadian for ease and simplicity - give us a call. We have a wonderful licensed Travel Agent who would be delighted to help you find the best fare possible..

Trains - Need a EuroStar ticket from city to city? Consider using

Catering - Sometimes it nice just to kick back and enjoy - have someone else do the cooking; We can arrange a cook to come in once, twice or on a regular basis. They can do the whole meal, teach you as they go along, or just bring in a wonderfully prepared dish for you to warm up.

Concierge Services - Itinerary planning, tickets to Museums and events, special event planning; Special services provided. Some are fee based. Call us for more information.